Wildfire Ravel E16 Salvador Electric Suite

Remote controlled, log fuel bed, electric suite with black nickel/chrome or anthracite trim options and a white or manilla mantel finish.

The Ravel E16 Salvador is a 54” micro marble electric fireplace suite, available in all white or manila.

The Ravel E16 can be supplied with either a black anthracite or a black nickel and chrome trim option. The fireplace can be installed onto a flat wall if a spacer (available separately) is fitted. Alternatively a recess behind the fireplace can be made to accept the appliance rear section, talk to your retailer for further details. The appliance is a fully electronic remote control fireplace offering a 7 day thermostatic operation. A variety of flame effects can be selected using the digital remote control, along with a whole range of other programmable features.


A) 1370MM

B) 1370MM

C) 1160MM

D) 400MM

E) 230MM

F) 512MM

G) 611MM