Infinity 800HD UBL BF Gas Fire

Using the latest raised burner technology with the addition of under bed lighting
makes this the largest and most realistic fire in the range.
The rear-vented snorkel balanced-flue system enables the installation to be clean and neat
on an outside wall. In many cases this removes the need for additional building work and
a false chimney breast.
This new fire produces outstanding heat output, efficiency and performance when required
but with the additional option of an ember or flicker light option when ambience is required
without the heat.
The gas operation has five levels of flame effect with a maximum input of 7.2kw.
This produces a very impressive 5.5kw output and 85% efficiency


Product highlights
• Choice of Beige Vermiculite, Red Brick
or Black Mirror Glass internal firebox liners.
• Mains power via a safe 9V low-voltage plug-in
transformer as standard. Backup battery option
in the case of mains power outage.
• Programmable thermostat room control and
optional day timer setting as standard.
• Anti-reflective glass as standard.