Infinity 780FL Gas Fire

A large hole-in-the-wall gas fire that offers a stunning centrepiece to
your room. The 780FL is an extremely popular gas fire due to the
dimensions which offer a wider fire than the norm. This fire set the
trend for luxury gas fires of these proportions, so much so that you will
now see imitation products appear on the market. The original and still
the best, the 780FL is a beautiful fire for any living room.


Product highlights
• Fits a Class 1 or Class 2 chimney.
• Can be fitted ‘frameless’ in the wall for the
ultra modern look or it can be incorporated
into a fireplace to create a suite.
• Black Mirror Glass Liners.
• Designed to give a realistic flame picture
from a modest 6.6kW input, which usually
means no additional ventilation in the room.
• Fits most chimneys and 5″ flues so will fit
into existing fireplace openings.
• Glass-fronted high-efficiency fire that
is up to 81% efficient.