Infinity 480HD Gas Fire

The size of the 480HD means that it will fit in most fireplaces and as such makes this a
very versatile fire. Although the smallest in the Infinity HD range, this fire still packs the
same power, performance and features normally associated with larger fires.


Product highlights
• Fits a Class 1 or Class 2 chimney.
• Ideal size for many fireplace surrounds.
• Can also be fitted as a hole-in-the-wall
either flush or with slips.
• Optional black glass fascia is available
for hole-in-the-wall installations.
• Choice of three firebox liners: Beige Vermiculite,
Red Brick or Black Mirror Glass.
• Mains-powered radio frequency remote
control for ease of use.
• Available with anti-reflective viewing glass as
an optional extra. This reduces the majority of
reflection and gives the fire an ‘open’ effect.
• Optional 5″ direct connection liner adapter