4D Ecoflame 16″ Inset Electric Fire Range

Inset 16″ Electric Fires with 4D Ecoflame™ Technology

Building on the overwhelming success of the 3D Ecoflame electric fire we are pleased to offer the next generation in electric fires. All models benefit from the ultra-realistic deep reflective fuel and flame effect that has set new standards across the industry. The new range also boasts flickering ember effect fuel bed, 7 day timer and optional trim and fireplace mood lights to name but just a few superb innovations.


Key Features of the 4D Ecoflame™

• Exciting ultra-realistic flame effect with 3 colour options each available in 4 mood settings. The mood setting offers 4 differing levels of brightness and size of flames.
• Realistic flickering fuel bed with 13 colour options and a colour morphing setting, each available in 4 mood settings.
• Multiple fuel bed options including realistic log, coal, Ice crystals small and large and glowing embers. All are included with the fire for the user to decide.
• Highly efficient heat control via a 7 day programmable timer and an electric thermostat all incorporated into the stylish remote-control handset.
• High level side buttons for easy access and alternative control of flame effect and the fuel bed.
• Two generous heat settings which are chosen automatically by the controls to meet and maintain your chosen room temperature.
• 1.5kW max heat output (100% efficient at point of use).
• Fits most Charlton & Jenrick Frets and Fascia’s with many fire and fascia packages available.
• Fits most 16″ Fireplace openings.
• Fully EU Ecodesign compliant.

Trim Lights

• All Charlton & Jenrick Elite Trims and Fascias now come with the option of patented LED trim lights that are controlled by the fires remote control.
• There are 13 colour options and a colour morphing setting, each available in 4 mood settings.